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Version 1.7.0

PurePrivacyDate: 13-March-2023


  • A few optimisations in the in-app content.
  • Minor user interface fixes.

Version 1.6.0

PurePrivacyDate: 31-January-2023

What's New

Get more control over your Google account

  • Now you can get even more privacy recommendations for your Google account

Added support for YouTube account

  • Now you can connect your YouTube account and take back control of your digital life


  • Improved user experience based on user subscription status
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.5.0

PurePrivacyDate: 06-January-2023

What's New

Added support for Google account

  • Now you can get privacy recommendations for your Google account


  • Improved user experience based on user subscription status
  • Revamped account details screen to be more informative and helpful
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Version 1.0.4

PurePrivacyDate: 20-December-2022

What's New

Control over Spotify settings

  • Connect your Spotify account to PurePrivacy for more digital control.

Enroll in our beta program

  • Be the first in line to get access and receive updates regarding our new features.

Join our community channels

  • Join us on Slack, Discord, and Reddit to share ideas and maximize PurePrivacy.

Share your experiences right from the app

  • Stay updated via helpful reminders on the dashboard


  • Minor bug fixes and a few optimizations

Version 1.0.3

PurePrivacyDate: 22-November-2022

What's New

Stay aware of the settings you’ve already applied

  • You will new be able to see your previously applied setting even after rescanning


  • Made security enhancements
  • Updated account details screen
  • A few optimizations and bug fixes

Version 1.0.0

PurePrivacyDate: 26-September-2022


Control Your Privacy:

  • PurePrivacy allows you to connect your social media account and gives you control over all the settings that affect your privacy and security.

Connect Social Media:

  • Connect any of your supported social media accounts with PurePrivacy for visibility and control over your digital privacy.

Get Recommendations

  • PurePrivacy analyzes your social media account and gives you recommendations that help you understand how different settings affect your virtual privacy and what you should update to improve it.

Apply Recommendations

  • You can also apply the recommendations and update your social media account settings and make yourself more private.

Get Privacy Reports

  • You can view privacy reports to see the overall health of your digital privacy.

Access Activity Feed

  • Monitor your activity feed to stay on top of all the settings that you have applied to make yourself more private.