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Version 1.0

Date: 9-May-2022


Securing Your Personal Information:

Save your passwords, card information, passport details, photos, files, notes, etc as Vault Items and KEEP them secure.

Create Vaults:

Create Secure & Encrypted Folders called Vaults where you can add any private or sensitive information.

Organizations & Members:

Create organizations for sharing your passwords with your loved ones or set up new teams for securely sharing passwords.


Use the tag feature to tag your vaults to search for them whenever needed.

Template and Customization:

Save your information however you want, with customization you can add any personal data you want to keep private.

Password Generator:

We’ve introduced a password generator that creates strong, unique and hard to crack passwords for you.

Personalised Theme Selection:

Choose between dark and light themes as per your preference.

Trusted Devices:

PureKeep protects your vault from unauthorised access. which means users can easily add and remove trusted devices.

Import Password:

There’s no need to worry if you want to import your passwords from another password manager. PureKeep makes it easy for you to do that too, without compromising your security.