Introducing PureSquare – for security beyond VPNs

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Version 1.1.0

Date: 10-Oct-2022


  • Create Secure Vaults

Create password-protected secure vaults and simply add your files to the vault to encrypt them.

  • Organize your Encrypted Data

Manage your encrypted files and folders however you desire using your device’s file manager.

  • State of the art & complete encryption

Once you save a file in your vault, the filename is also immediately encrypted along with the contents of the file, adding an extra layer of security and privacy through AES 256-bit encryption.

  • Zero-Knowledge Solution

PureEncrypt’s zero-knowledge promise implies that no one, not the cloud and not even us will be able to access or see your encrypted data.

  • Local & Cloud Utility

Use encryption however you like, create local vaults so that your encrypted data only stays on your device

  • Sync to your Cloud Storage

Automatically Sync your encrypted data to the cloud by simply adding the secure Vault in the drive of your cloud storage installed on your device.

  • Anytype & Anysize Allowed

Do not restrict your security: Encrypt your data, including documents, images, files, folders etc. that too without any kind of size restrictions.

  • Multi Login, Multi Device Support

Using PureEncrypt, you can make sure all of your vaults stay safe & accessible to you always.Multiple logins allow you to access your files and other important information from any device.