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PureVPN Kodi App Versions

Dec 28, 2017
Nov 29, 2021
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Release Date: 14-03-2018

Build Number: 1.5.0

Issues Fixed

  • Improvements in Split Tunneling
  • UI improvements
  • Includes improvements for speed and reliability
  • Minor Bug fixes.

Release Date: 27-12-17

Build Number: 1.3.1

New Features

  • Settings pop up on fresh install.

Issues Fixed

  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

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Comments (16 )


  1. Lee Einer says:

    Got a Kodi addon for Kodi 18 yet?

    Also, will your Debian add-on work on Rasbpian stretch?

    • admin says:

      Hey Lee,

      Our add on works on OpenELEC for Kodi, if you’re using Kodi 18 with OpenELEC then you may proceed to use our add-on without trouble. However, our debian add-on will not work for Rasbpian stretch unfortunately.

  2. Peter Woll says:

    I recently installed Kodi 18 leia on raspberry pi 3b and I would like to install my purevpn.
    I tried service.purevpn.monitor-1.8.0.zip
    will not allow me to connect to purevpn.

    I tried service.purevpn.monitor-1.5.0.zip
    will not allow me to connect to purevpn.

    How can I setup purevpn on raspberry pi 3b with kodi 18 leia?


    • admin says:

      Hey Peter,

      Our Add-on works over OpenELEC and you’re requested to check if Kodi Leia supports OpenELEC as well. If that’s a yes then you may proceed with our add-on without much trouble at all.

  3. John says:

    1. Can i install vpn on kodi app?

    2.if not available directly for kodi, can it be installed on asus router rt ac 3200 asus??

    • admin says:

      Hey John, You can download our PureVPN Kodi add on and also have it configured for your Asus router. In order to cater your request, can you please join us on our live chat from which we may have you guided according to your use 🙂

  4. Antoine Folly says:

    As Erik :
    It does not work on the latest Kodi LibreELEC (Leia) v8.90.004 ALPHA
    The installation works properly but does not get any connection.

    When a fix will be available?

    • admin says:

      Hey Antoine, apologies on the trouble. Unfortunately we only offer support for OpenElec only for now and Libre Elec isn’t supported.

  5. John Cook says:

    How do you set up watching US Netflix on an Android box? I have a Himedia, 8 core, 64 bit android box. Hope that is enough information, otherwise please email and let me know.
    Thank you for your time.

  6. George Rome says:

    I hope this work’s ii cancel

  7. erik says:

    It does not work on the latest Kodi LibreELEC (Leia) v8.90.004 ALPHA
    The installation works properly but does not get any connection.
    Regards Erik

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  9. jose vazao says:

    I want toset up pure vpn on windows 10 and i can not.I am a subscriber

  10. trux says:

    purevpn stops may smartphone-tv mirroring and my tvbox Kodi. I can’t put purevpn in my router because it doesn’t support it.
    Purevpn app works in my smartphone and tv box but if I open Kodi the addons don’t work.
    Can you help me?

  11. Hendrik Slik says:

    Get an error when try to connect on Kodi Linux Ubutu

    The openvpn executable isn’t working