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Mar 13, 2019
Feb 23, 2020
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Check out our B1G12 guide and learn how you can gift your friends and family free monthly accounts.

How to send invitation
1 Go to the Member’s Area and login.

2 Scroll down a little and click “Send Invite Now”

3 Fill the necessary info:

  • Select account to send an invite from i.e. your active PureVPN username
  • Enter the name of invitee
  • Enter the email address of the invitee

4 Once you have filled out the information, click “Send Free Monthly Account Invite”

5 Your invitation has been successfully sent.

How to check invitation history
1 Click “Invite Friends”

2 Click “History”

3 Here you can check the history of invitations sent.

How to resend invitation
1 Click “Invite Friends”

2 Click “History”

3 Under “Status” check for “Pending” invites

4 Click the “Refresh” button to resend the invitation.

How to cancel invitation
1 Click “Invite Friends”

2 Click “History”

3 Under “Status” check for “Pending” invites

4 Click the “X” button to cancel the invitation.


1. Who can send B1G12 invites?

Only PureVPN’s subscribed users can send these invitations to their friends, family, and colleagues.

2. How long is the free account valid for?

Since we are offering a free monthly account, it will be valid for a period of 30 days only.

3. How many times can a paid user gift the account?

It depends on the number of accounts that the user owns. If the user owns one account, they can only gift twelve accounts. Similarly, if a user has multiple accounts, they can send Twelve gifts per account.

4. Can a free user who has redeemed the invite send more free invites to other users?

Users who have redeemed the gift, i.e., the free monthly account, cannot send B1G12 invites.

5. Does the free account include add-ons?

Unfortunately, free account users cannot use the add-ons until they subscribe to the premium account.

6. For how long is the invitation link valid?

Invite links are valid for only 30 days.

7. How many times can a paid subscriber resend the invitation?

Users can re-send the “invite email” up to 3 times to the same recipient.

8. How to resend B1G12 invite?

Click or tap the Refresh icon in the History tab to resend the invite.

9. How to cancel the invite?

In the History tab, the “X” icon indicates that you have the option to cancel the invitation. You can do so only when the invitation is either pending or not accepted. You cannot cancel the invite once it is accepted by the recipient.

10. How to accept free account?

The invited user will receive an email from where they can find and accept the free invite.

11. Can the gift be sent to an already existing user?

Gift cannot be sent to existing users.

12. If a user rejects the invitation, can they be invited again?

No, once it’s rejected it cannot be resent to the same recipient.

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