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ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Service Delivery
Oct 28, 2015
Jun 25, 2019
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An ISP is a company that provides users internet access. Different ISPs charge different prices and their packages differ according to different bandwidths, download limits and so on. There are some things that ISPs are always aware of:

  • Bandwidth consumed (the amount of data used by the user for streaming, downloading etc)
  • Which ports a user is using (1-65535)

Then there are things that an ISP will know about if the user is not using a VPN service:

  • Which websites a user visited
  • User’s traffic (all the information of user’s upload and download)

You, as a user, can protect your privacy by using PureVPN. Some ISPs block VPN related traffic by blocking corresponding ports (such as 443 for PPTP). In order to avoid this, you can simply switch your protocol and choose OpenVPN or any other that works for you. When you will be using a VPN your ISP will not learn which websites or services you used.


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