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How to use dedicated IP mode on PureVPN Mac app

Sep 10, 2018
Nov 15, 2021
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A dedicated IP VPN is significantly important while you work from home. This is because it enables you to gain secure remote access to a specific network from anywhere. Here is how you can configure a Dedicated IP.

  • Click the location icon at the left panel of PureVPN App.
  • You’ll see your dedicated IP on the top left corner of your screen. Click the Dedicated IP to connect.
  • You are now connected successfully with your Dedicated IP.
  • In case you’re already connected to your dedicated IP on another device, you’ll be prompted accordingly to continue as per choice.

Note: If you click Yes then the previous device that was already connected with your dedicated IP address will disconnect and it will connect on your current Mac device. If you click No then it will remain connected to your previous device.

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