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How to Setup PureVPN via Command Line in Linux (Script Method)

Dec 26, 2019
Sep 30, 2020
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PureVPN has made it easier for you to set up the VPN on your Linux using the Command Line script. Here is the complete tutorial:


1 In order to download the script, please refer to the command below to be entered in Terminal


2 Access the file location using the following command:

cd /home/purevpn/Downloads (purevpn will be replaced by your username)

3 Type the following command to make this script executable:

sudo chmod +x purevpn-pptp

sudo cp purevpn-pptp /usr/bin/

4 To log into the script file, type the following command:

sudo purevpn-pptp -li

(It will ask you to enter your VPN username and password)

5 Enter the following command to connect to a VPN server:

purevpn-pptp -c

( is the PPTP server address, but you can enter your desired address as well)

6 VPN is now connected. You can verify your IP location details from your web browser by visiting the website:

7 If you want to disconnect the VPN, refer to the following command:

sudo purevpn-pptp -d

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