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Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers about PureVPN

Nov 19, 2015
May 16, 2023
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Things to Consider before travelling:

  • These are some of the important things you should consider before travelling abroad with PureVPN.
  • Make sure you have received PureVPN credentials. Try it once at home before embarking on your journey. If you do not have Premium account, you can order one from here.
  • Write down your credentials in your diary or a notepad on your computer to avoid any hassle while travelling.
  • ] Please install PureVPN’s app on all your devices, including your Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone before travelling.
  • If you are an existing customer and have been using PureVPN services for quite some time, then make sure you have the latest version of apps installed on your devices. You can find the details of our all VPN apps along with setup guide here.

Frequently asked questions bytravelers:

Where Can I Find the Server List ?
  • If you want to manually setup PureVPN on your devices, you will need the server address to modify your device’s settings. You can find the complete list of DNS server addresses here.
What Should I do if I Face Speed Issues While Travelling?
  • There are few things you should try to fix the speed issues.
  • Try to connect to the nearest available server to get fastest speed.
  • Switch between protocols – most recommended protocols to use for speed is PPTP.
  • Turn off your firewall.
  • Use purpose selection tool in the client to connect with fastest available server.
  • To get complete details on how to perform each step, follow this article.
What kind of Errors I might face While Travelling?
  • There might be a few technical errors that you may encounter while traveling. Click here to view the list of common errors and their solutions.
I Can’t Access Your Website While Travelling, What Should I do?
  •  If you have a technical query or need to download PureVPN’s app, but PureVPN website is not connecting, then you can contact us on our live chat through this link – LIVE CHAT. Save this link on your not pad, so you can reasch us easily whenever you need to. Especially if you are travelling to China, Iran or UAE.
I Want to Download files via P2P While Travelling, What Should I do?
  • You can connect to any of PureVPN’s servers that offer P2P downloading. The servers that offers P2P support are listed here.
Things to Avoid While Travelling
  • Following are the things you should avoid while travelling to any country.
  • Avoid using unsecure public Wi-Fi and shared networks without a VPN.
  • Always connect to secure Websites with “HTTPS” bar code.
  • Never travel without updated version of antivirus and anti-malware.
  • Always use a secure email address.
  • Always verify the website twice before making any online payment.
  • Avoid using open networks to make financial transactions.
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Comments (2 )


  1. Sara Sharrock says:

    Can i stream on Hotel’s wifi with purevpn on?? why do i have to tell support every time before going on a new destination, i would just email once about all my destinations, so not all the time, i have to inform?

    • PureVPN Team says:

      Hi Sara,

      Yes, you can stream PureVPN on Hotel’s WiFi and you only need to tell our support dept only once before you leave your current destination, so we will not block your account as we usually do it, if account is used in another destination compare to where it was originally bought. If you have any another question feel free to ask 🙂