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Apr 02, 2021
Apr 02, 2021
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Posting anything negative in a state of anger can be potentially dangerous, especially for our security. Everything we do online is traced back to our IP addresses, and if someone wants to pursue action, legal or otherwise, against a statement made online, it won’t be too difficult for a platform to determine where the posting originated from. This is especially true for reviews made in a state of anger or distrust, where you feel like you want to warn people not to use a company or patronize a brand. If the company feels like they’re justified in finding out who posted that review, they can and will find you and take action against you… unless you’re using a VPN.

A VPN allows you to achieve anonymity by masking your IP address and making it look like you are in another state or even another country, keeping you safe when posting controversial comments as those comments will never be able to be traced back to you (unless, of course, you give out too much identifying information in the comment!).

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