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How to Activate Internet Kill Switch in PureVPN Software? (Windows/Mac)

Sep 03, 2015
Nov 13, 2019
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PureVPN is one of the few VPN providers that offer Kill Switch feature. If you aren’t using it, you are not utilizing your VPN at fullest. Kill Switch will make your internet connection impenetrable.

Click here for more details about “Kill Switch” and other PureVPN features


1 Right Click on PureVPN Dialer and “Run as Administrator”


2 Click the settings icon from top-right corner.

3 Click on ‘Advanced Options’ and then check ‘Activate Internet Kill Switch’


For More Details about PureVPN New Windows Software Please Visit: Getting Started Guide – Windows 

Please use the comment box for your suggestions & feedback. For additional help, please submit support ticket with errors and screen shots (if possible) OR contact our 24/7 live chat.

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Comments (42 )


  1. PureVPN Team says:

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. In this regard, we would request you to join us on live chat so we may assist you in better way.

    Thanks for understanding!

  2. PureVPN Team says:

    We apologize for the inconvenience. There was a misunderstanding, this option is not available in our Mac app, it’s only available in Windows app.

    Sorry for misunderstanding let us know if we can help you in other way!

  3. PureVPN Team says:

    Well, you should get this option in Settings. Kindly download app from this link and then go to settings again, you should then be able to see ‘Internet Kill Switch’ and on next lines, you will also see ‘Stop internet even I disconnect VPN manually’

    App Link: http://jmp.sh/e1zudCk

    Hopefully this would help!

  4. Antonio says:

    Hello, I add my vote to requesting the internet kill switch working also for manual disconnection.
    I want my internet connection to be always secure, even if I’m changing the server or setting up some option. Both operation would require a manual disconnect, and I would like the internet connection to be killed also in these occasion.
    The main assumption for me is: whenever the PurVPN application is open my internet connection is secure. If I want a not secure connection I just close the application. If I manually disconnect it’s only for changing server or setting up options, and I don’t want an internet connection active during these activities.
    Are you going to consider a release for OS X which will include this functionalities ? At least as option ?
    Thank you for attention

    • PureVPN Team says:

      Thanks for reaching out. This option is already there, you can see this ‘Stop internet even I disconnect VPN manually’ below internet kill switch just check mark it.

      Hope this helps lets us know if you have further questions!

  5. PureVPN Team says:

    I apologies if I am unable to understand your complain, as far as I understand you like PureVPN to connect automatically without you to disable and re-enable kill switch. For this purpose you should enable “redial automatically when connection drops” option which is listed below “Activate Internet Kill Switch” then VPN will connect automatically.

    Hope this answers your query but if there is still any question or confusion then I would request you to kindly join us on 24/7 live chat so we may assist you in better way.

  6. PureVPN Team says:


    As we replied to @rufen we would like to respond you in same way. We have discussed this with our app developers and their response is that “Kill Switch” is intentionally designed to work this way, so your online security does not compromise. Because if your internet activity resumes before you connect VPN then it may compromise your online security/anonymity.

    Let us know if you still have any questions, we will be happy to answer your queries!

  7. PureVPN Team says:

    @rufen We have discussed this with our app developers and their response is that “Kill Switch” is intentionally designed to work this way, so your online security does not compromise. Because if your internet activity resumes before you connect VPN then it may compromise your online security/anonymity.

    Let us know if you still have any questions!

    • rufen says:

      Yes, that part works great, but I don’t think you understand the problem. The PureVPN client should reconnect WITH the killswitch automaticaly, we should not have to disable then enable the killswitch to reconnect WITH the vpn. Having to do that is compromising my online security, although for only a few seconds, contradicting your answer.

      I can take a vidéo if you want.

  8. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks for reaching out. We are glad you like this feature. Unfortunately, we are unable to understand your question, can you please elaborate what exact issue you face while using “Kill Switch” so we may assist you in better way.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    • rufen says:

      Weird, my previous message seems to have disapear.

      Whenever the killswitch is activated and I manually disconnect or reboot, if I want to reconnect, PureVPN client is telling me that there is no internet connexion. I need to disable and enable the killswitch again for PureVPN to be able to connect.

      • PureVPN Team says:

        Thanks for giving us details, kindly also let us know if you are using latest version of PureVPN app if not, then please first update your app and then check.

        Looking forward to hear from you!

        • rufen says:

          yes, using the last version, it’s been doing that for at least 3 versions now.

        • arrrrrrrrrrrᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ says:

          I have the same problem as rufen. When kill switch is activated, sometimes PureVPN clients forgets and repeatedly shows: please activate your internet. I have to manually disable kill switch or disable windows firewall. This is really annoying.

  9. rufen says:

    I love this feature, only problem is, sometime it forget that it is the one that activated the Killswitch! I need to disable and enable it again so pureVPN wake up and realise that it was it that controlled the internet.

    This is really annoying!

  10. PureVPN Team says:

    Hi Tad,

    We have launched “Kill Switch” in Mac, kindly upgrade your PureVPN Mac software, so you can start using this feature.

    Let us know if we can help you with anything else!

  11. PureVPN Team says:

    Unfortunately, we do not have re-connection option when computer wakes back up. However, I have forwarded your concern to relevant department so they can review the possibility of such feature. I feel sorry that I cannot help you much in this.

    Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

  12. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks for reaching out to us. We do not have any plan to add this feature for now because the purpose of “Internet Kill Switch” is to protect our valuable users privacy/security when VPN drops automatically, if you manually disconnects VPN then there is no security risk. However, your request is very valuable to us, I have forwarded your suggestion to concerned department for evaluation.

    Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

    • wojobucco says:

      It’s more of an issue with when the computer goes to sleep. I have a macbook, so closing the lid and making the computer go to sleep is something I do often.

      I want the kill switch to engage and the VPN connection to be reestablished when the computer wakes back up.

      Is there another way to get this behavior, or am I correct in thinking that the feature I’m requesting does not yet exist?

  13. wojobucco says:

    The Mac OS X client does not have the “Stop internet even if I disconnect the VPN manually” option. Will this be included in the mac client anytime soon?

  14. Paul Ross says:

    Having activated the kill switch option, where do I find the actual kill switch?

    • PureVPN Team says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. Once, you have activated “Kill switch” then you do not need anything else.
      Whenever your VPN disconnects, kill switch will stop your internet activity and keep you secure.

      Hope you are clear now. Feel free to comment if you still have any question/confusion.

  15. PureVPN Team says:

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Kill switch is working absolutely fine, we have not received any complain so far, can you kindly elaborate what issue you are facing exactly? and on which device you are using PureVPN so we can assist you in better way.

    You can also contact us on live chat, we are available 24/7 for your assistance.

    ***** We apologize for the delay, might cause in replying your email. We are experiencing an excessive load, unexpectedly, due to customer interest in the services. Our 24/7 live chat is available to assist you on immediate basis.*****

    • Will Rogers says:

      I’ve got a bit of a newb question(s) for you. How do I know if PureVPN is on and working? I can see its connected, does that mean its currently working? Also would like to know if it works when I ‘restore’ old Firefox tabs?…and if I start Firefox (which restores all my old tabs) and forget to turn on Pure can I just turn it on? Or do I need to close out Firefox first and then turn on?
      I apologize in advance because I know computers just enough to really screw something up. FTR I’m running Windows 7, with the firewall disabled, and have Kaspersky anti-virus, and firewall.

      • PureVPN Team says:

        Hi Rogers,

        Thanks for reaching out to us.

        – When you connect PureVPN, and it gives you “Disconnect” Option means you are connected now and PureVPN is on, If you click “Disconnect” Button then PureVPN will get Off.

        – I would suggest you to close out Firefox first and then connect PureVPN.

        Hope this answers your queries, if you still have any confusion/question, feel free to ask, we will be more than happy to assist you!

  16. Rich says:

    When will the kill switch work?

  17. PureVPN Team says:


    I am sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly reset firewall to default settings then run PureVPN as admin and let me know if this works out.

    I will be waiting for your further response!

    • justchaz says:

      Was a solution found to this? It is the oddest thing, after using the legacy version where killswitch worked flawlessly, to now see the NIC gain internet access once connection drops, without missing a beat. Not good at all. The thing is, killswitch works if the disconnection is manual but never if by the agent itself. Please help.

      • PureVPN Team says:


        We are sorry for the inconvenience. We request you to first reset your firewall to default settings then run PureVPN as admin after this kill switch should be working fine.

        If you still face this issue then feel free to join us on 24/7 live chat so we may assist you in better way!

        • Simon Skilling says:

          Please could you be more specific with what the problem with our Firewall might be – rather than just saying ‘reset to default setting’. Everyone has different Firewalls, for example I am using Norton 360, which doesn’t have an option to just ‘reset’. I need to know what needs changing in order to fix this issue – as otherwise the kill switch is not working, and hence the app is fundamentally flawed. Thanks, Simon

  18. Florian says:

    Ever since using Windows 10, the internet kill switch stopped working for me. I did reinstall the PureVPN software several times (the old and the new version) and always run it as an administrator. I do get the message saying that the kill switch is enabled but it simlpy doesn’t work. Even after disconnection, all internet traffic still runs normally. So there is no protection at all. 🙁

  19. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks a lot for taking time to give us your valuable feedback. It means a lot to us. Allow me to answer your queries:
    – We have not officially launched our new Software, once we do we will surely send e-mail to our Old valuable customer.
    – I have forwarded your precious suggestions about Split tunneling and Ui/UX to concerned departments they will further evaluate and take appropriate action.

    I would be glad to keep getting more feedback from your side.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  20. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks for contacting us. We have already launched “Internet Kill Switch” feature for mac, I would request you to update your Mac software. In case you do not know how to update, here is the guide:
    Select “Check for updates” from drop down menu of PureVPN mac software and it will give you option to install new updates.

    Try it and give me your precious feedback!

    • Alex says:

      I started using PureVPN in October 2015, downloaded the “latest” OSX client and have been using it since then. I watched all the tutorials and got surprised that OSX client looks nothing like Windows client, misses many features, and was generally disappointed.

      Things got better now, and it’s a good thing you’re not leaving your OSX customers behind (at least a lot) by releasing updates, but If I didn’t stumble on this page by pure chance (I was actually googling for something else and ended up here) I wouldn’t even now there was an update for OSX client! An email could have been sent about the update. I’m sure many users are still “stuck” on version 1.99 from 2012 because they simply don’t know there is a new version.

      And while the client looks and feels much better now, and finally we have the “kill switch”, we still need other advanced options that Win users already have (like split tunnelling).


      P.S. Suggestions to your UI/UX team. 1. The menu bar icons on OSX are all in black/white now. The trend of coloured icons is long gone and the green PureVPN icon (when connected) pokes my eyes and stands out too much. It’s not just a visual problem, but being the only coloured icon in the menu bar it attracts too much attention. There are ways of designing B/W icon and still be able to distinguish connection status. 2. Change the application icon, it still uses the outdated “key” logo. 3. Being able to connect/disconnect by using the menu bar icon, so we don’t have to open the main application window, would be nice too. 🙂

  21. Tracey Sgroi says:

    When will there be a kill switch for mac? Often I get back to my laptop to find that I have been disconnected, rendering my vpn service useless.

  22. Tad says:

    Is there a killer switch for Mac users?

  23. PureVPN Team says:


    It seems that there is some issue in your windows, I would suggest you to check your windows, as it is not related to our App. Unfortunately, I can’t be much help in this. If you re-install windows or find out whats causing this, then you may be able to properly run our app as administrator.
    If you have any further question, feel free to ask.

    • guy says:

      O.K. I had my Windows 10 privacy settings ramped up to maximum paranoia. I dialed it back a bit and found the correct Administrator Account. Re-downloaded the new Windows app and it works PERFECTLY. All good now.

      • PureVPN Team says:

        That’ great! I am glad that its working fine now. If you have any questions or suggestions, do write to us. Have a great day 🙂

  24. guy says:

    To activate the Kill Switch I need to Run the program as Administrator. However, no matter what I try, I cannot get the program to recognise that I am running as Administrator. This locks me out from using many of the features that I have paid for.