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How to Select Network Type on PureVPN Android App

Sep 24, 2018
Oct 27, 2021
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Looking to select your network type on Android? Follow this simple guide.

1 Tap preferences.

Tap preferences.

2 Tap settings.

Tap settings.

3 Tap Network Type.

Tap Network Type.

4 Tap desired option.

Tap desired option.

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Comments (8 )


  1. Mary Chalk says:

    Suddenly having problem on android with ITV iplayer which wont connect. 2 weeks now. I get an error 2000 ,sorry there is a problem,try again. BBC is working and on <<<<windows no problems at the moment. Any ideas.?

  2. Clarence Hofer says:

    How do I access a channel that is not in my region. I have a tv in B.C Canada and I’m trying to get a channel in Alberta Canada
    My ip said I need a vpn to get channel.
    Thank you

  3. Cesar says:

    How Can I connect to UK for Netflix

    Because this is detecting the Proxy

  4. Michael McGinnis says:

    How can I just get it to connect me to a nearby city? You tech support people don’t seem to understand how to make your product work

    • admin says:

      Could you please confirm the operating system you are using and the location you want to connect so we may assist you further .